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What about pork? Did God “clean the pig” as some Christians claim? What about mushrooms and other “otherworldly” superfoods? What about the sheet that Peter saw descending from heaven? We hope you find answers to all of your questions here!



We highly recommend Ken Johnson’s book “The Ancient Origins of the Hebrew Roots Movement” for a great perspective on the Gentile Christian believer’s relationship to the Law of Moses. Note: we do not endorse the Hebrew Roots movement.

“Ancient Origins of the Hebrew Roots Movement: The Noahide and Mosaic Laws as Seen in the Dead Sea Scrolls” by Dr. Ken Johnson (link)

Bonus Content

Diet and Health sermons by Pastor Joey Faust (disclaimer.)

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“But that’s in the Old Testament, so that’s not for us”… Or is it?
“We are sorry, but with your health, there is nothing we can do for you”… Or is there?