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Introducing our mission for 2023 to print 600 flyers! Please prayerfully consider supporting us below!

To supplement our business card collection, we are planning flyers for each of our pages! Help us order a new flyer every month of 2023 for our supporters in NY and MO. We hope to raise enough money to cover the flyers’ cost (25/church/month), shipping, tax, and organizer racks for the flyers. As of January 1st, 2023, we are $900 short of our goal.

What would help us the most is if you donate to our mission and become a monthly patron, as well. Your gifts of any amount will help this ministry grow now and in the future. Help us get this powerful material out and into people’s hands! If you would like some sent to your church, please contact us via the form below.

To view our current flyers, please visit our pages on dinosaurs Still Alive, Halloween, and Christmas.

All donations go to the furtherance of Biblical truth through free material distribution.

Before donating, make sure you look around the website and make sure you can be as enthusiastic about this ministry as we are. Also please consider how you will support us carefully and prayerfully.

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Thank you for deciding to support our ministry! You can donate to Mission 2023 through PayPal by clicking the button below and marking your donation “For Mission 2023”. We thank you again for your generosity!

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Have you seen this yet? I’m helping Joseph Armstrong raise money for Card Carrying Christians’ Mission 2023. You can help us by visiting

Photos from Supporters

LongRun Baptist Church, Longrun, MO
First Baptist Church of Worcester, NY

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