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Catholicism claims to be the only true and ancient form of Christianity, but why then does she oppose those who follow the Christianity that the apostles and their disciples taught? There’s a lot for you on this page, so be ready.


Ken’s earlier videos include “Chruch Fathers” Session 1, Session 2, and Session 3. Make sure you also check out Ken’s book on “The Ancient Chruch Fathers” (below).


“The Gnostic Origins of Roman Catholicism” by Ken Johnson (link)
“Ancient Church Fathers: What the Disciples of the Apostles Taught” by Ken Johnson (link)

Patrick: How A British Baptist Became the Patron Saint of Ireland

A flyer about this great Baptist Missionary who died well before Catholicism arrived in Ireland and centuries before the Protestant Reformation we feel will be greatly used by God around the American holiday that bears his name. We apologize that it was not ready sooner. After reviewing the sources listed, please let us know what you think of our flyer via our contact form (below).

sources on Saint Patrick and his Story

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“Look it up! The Bible is full of contradictions”… Or is it?
“Catholics don’t burn Bibles anymore”… Or do they?