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What if the KJV doesn’t have any mistranslated words? What if there are only several different opinions on how certain words should be translated and the conclusions of the KJV translators was correct every time?


Peter Ruckman (whom we have many disagreements with) had some awesome debates we would like to share with you. No matter how you feel about Ruckman, these are definitely worth considering.

The King James Bible Debate: Very interesting debate. Gary was prepared, but there’s a difference between “prepared” and “equip”. Purchase the video here.
The NIV Debate: Also a very interesting debate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Earl was prepared. Purchase the video here.



“The ‘Errors’ In the King James Bible” by Peter Ruckman (link)
Hazardous Materials by G. A. Riplinger
“Hazardous Materials” by Gail Riplinger (link)

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“King James onlyism is a cult started by a Seventh Day Adventist in 1930″… Or is it?
“The chapter and verse numbers are not inspired”… Or are they?