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Did you know that the council of Nicaea did not even address the issue of the canon?

Why do we have the 66 books in our Bible? Have Jews or Christians accepted the Apocrypha? Why did it take until after Luther and the Council of Trent for anyone to claim the Old Testament Apocrypha was inspired? Were the “Lost Gospels” of documentary film fame inspired by devils? Answers to these questions and more are here!


TSR 009: Dr. Ken Johnson and the Gnostic Gospels. Also, see Ken’s video on Biblically Endorsed Books, the Unknown New Testament and the Unknown Old Testament. See much more by Ken Johnson in the Bonus Material section below.
Also, check out IP’s video on the Gospel of Thomas (link)


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“The Question of Canon: Challenging the Status Quo in the New Testament Debate” by Michael J. Kruger (link)
Demonic Gospels: The Truth about the Gnostic Gospels by Ken Johnson (link)

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“Look it up! The Bible is full of contradictions”… Or is it?
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