Often we find that we cannot agree with certain speakers and authors on important issues. With all due respect and appreciation for these men’s and women’s work, here are some of these instances with our brief comments. Please note that this is not necessarily a complete or up-to-date list. Remember to search the scriptures, think for yourself, and contact us with any comments or questions.

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Joey Faust

In a conversation we had with Gail Riplinger (author of “New Age Bible Versions”) she recommended Joey Faust’s book “The Word: God Will Keep It“. She did warn us, however, to beware of his teaching that backslidden and carnal Christians burn in hell during the millennial thousand-year reign of Christ on earth. Apparently, he got this belief from authors that wrote in the 1800s, when this was a pretty popular belief to counteract verses that seem to imply a Christian can reject Christ and go to hell.

In the following sermons, Joey Faust defends his beliefs:

For further study into this, we recommend purchasing a copy of Joey’s book: “The Rod: Will God Spare It?” Let the reader judge. Joey is also the Pastor of Long Run Baptist Church in Long Run, MO, and we frequently include Joey’s excellent sermons on our website.

Lauren Stratford

We first ran across Lauren’s book “Satan’s Underground” in April 2023 on Amazon. Intrigued, we went to YouTube to look for a free audiobook or interviews with Lauren and were surprised to find the entire audiobook on an occult YouTube channel. The warning given by the author proved true, it was a very hard book to listen to. About halfway through, we realized that the channel that uploaded the audiobook recognized that Lauren’s story was completely false and discredited. Apparently, she made up the entire thing to get attention, never had the children she claimed she had in the narrative, and later claimed to be a holocaust survivor.

We believed Lauren’s story, so I reached out to an expert deliverance minister who often works with victims of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). He advised me not to include Lauren’s book on this website or we would run the risk of being discredited and gaining a bad reputation for spreading information known to be false. We proceeded to inquire if he thought her story was legitimate, to which we received no direct reply, although he did recommend Cathy O’Brian’s books. I understand why he would give no direct reply so he could protect his own reputation.

Through our research, we believe that the very atrocities Lauren describes in her book do happen on a daily basis to thousands of innocent people across the world. Our hope is that the information she provides will help others protect their loved ones from Satan’s Underground world, encourage those who are going through the same struggles against the powers of darkness, and motivate the end of these devilish practices.

Do we still believe that Lauren told the truth? As a woman in her situation, she had every right to protect herself by discrediting her story, and her persecutors would have every motivation and power to discredit her story as well. Is the deeply disturbing account true? May the reader decide.

See also “Satanic Illuminati” by Joel Tillis of The Soul Trap podcast, and “Illuminati Unmasked” by Johnny Cirucci.

Steven Anderson, the New IFB Movement, & Framing the World Films

Coming soon.

Kent Hovind & Dinosaur Adventure Land

We grew up watching Kent Hovind on VHS. We love him and met him in Port Crane, NY in 2018. Recently, information has come forward to make us seriously reconsider supporting him and his work. Please see the video below.

We don’t exactly know what to think yet. Please let us know what at you think!

Michael Jones & Inspiring Philosophy

My first introduction to Michael Jones and IP was through his youtube channel. I was very impressed by the first video, but I don’t remember what it was. As I continued listening, I discovered that Michael and I disagree on some major points, and it is for these reasons that I have difficulty promoting his work.

  • Michael advocates the day-age theory of Genesis 1.
  • Michael defends alcohol consumption as biblical.
  • Michael writes off Hislop’s excellently researched book “The Two Babylons” as completely made up.
  • Michael finds himself defending Roman Catholicism constantly, even though he is more of a mainline Protestant.

Michael Jones’s videos have been beneficial in our research on Christmas, the “Lost Books” of the Bible, etc.

Zachary King

I remember listening to Zach’s interview early one morning before work. His involvement with the OTO and high status in the organization spoke of the great evil he was involved with. After his escape from the organization, a paranormal encounter with some magic Catholic jewelry and a vision of “the Virgin Mary” convinced him to become Roman Catholic. His book and interview are featured on our Abortion page.

First, we do not believe that what he saw was actually Jesus Christ’s mother as devils frequently disguise themselves thus deceiving the vulnerable. Second, the Roman Catholic Church has a long history of murder, genocide, and pedophilia in addition to her own occult involvement. To draw a comparison with all due respect, Zachary King has simply made a switch of occupation from the Navy Seals to the Coast Guard, so to speak. We believe that he is sincere (though he still unknowingly sojourns in the enemy’s camp), and we do not doubt the accuracy of his recollections. Please keep him in your prayers.

Please check out our page on Roman Catholicism for more info.

Gregory Koukl

Coming soon.

John Lenox

Coming soon.

Peter Ruckman

Coming soon.

Bill Schnoebelene & With One Accord Ministries

We have been fans of Bill for over a decade after we discovered his two videos Exposing the Illuminati from Within back in college. As we worked our way through his talks, we began to notice he was wearing the traditional Jewish head covering, but we didn’t think anything of it. Unfortunately, however, he has become immersed in the Hebrew Roots Movement as promoted by Rob Bell and is currently arguing in favor of a flat earth. Bill is a very controversial character, to say the least, but we believe he is a Christian (though deceived in some ways), and has a lot of truth to share that should be listened to.

Bill operates With One Accord Ministries and is featured prominently on our page dealing with the Ex-Vampire, as well as appearing on UFO Lie, Giants, Mormonism, and Jehovah’s Witness.

Joel Tillis & The Soul Trap

Creepy image alert! I appreciate the friend who shared Pastor Joel Tillis’ material with me. I do however disagree with Joel on the issue of the flat earth. He makes a huge deal out of evidence from the moon landing tapes that they were faked. Unfortunately, we feel much of this evidence only results from a lack of understanding on Joel’s part. The only piece of evidence that gives us pause from his podcast “Huston We Have a Problem” is the interview with the guy at the end. If the tapes were in fact faked, we think that it would not improve the argument of the flat earthers.

Joel’s podcasts and sermons from his ministry The Soul Trap (home of the creepy image) appear on multiple pages dealing with paranormal and political subjects.

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