Discipline That Can Kill

If you or someone you know has young children, there will be advice on discipline given to you by friends and family. Please have dicernment, and beware of the popular “No Greater Joy Ministries” of Michael and Debbie Pearl. We hope you find this page useful. The information here could save lives!

We don’t necessarily agree with everything Zsuzanna says or takes issue with in this video, nor everything taught by her controversial husband Stephen Anderson. However, we believe that it is important to be aware of how some Baptists (?) are excusing child abuse. See also her video “The Pearls’ creepy courtship and honeymoon (Micheal Pearl Part 2)“.

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Michael Pearl endorses that when a child is being abused by an adult, the child is the wicked liar and the adult’s testimony is to be believed. This is utterly damnable. In the deaths of three children, the parents have blamed, “We were just following the advice of Michael Pearl.” We do not know the specifics in each of these cases, but it is obvious Michael’s techniques can lend themselves to this slippery slope. Three deaths are three too many, and it needs to stop.

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