Dead Sea Scrolls

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“The Dead Sea Scrolls are the greatest discovery in history!”…Or are they?

Judge for yourself. We’ll have more to say later.

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I think this is where Ken addresses the Damascus Document. You GOTTA see this! See the book in the “Books” section below.


See many, many more book recommendations in the Bonus Content section (below).

Bonus Content

More books
Even More
  • Dead Sea Scroll Digital Library (Read the scrolls for yourself!…If that’s what you’re into.)
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls Exposed by Stephen Anderson (21 min) (A King James Only (like we are) response to the Dead Sea Scrolls which we only partially agree with at this point. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Also see Ken Johnson’s “What did the Essenes Believe?“)
  • How Do The Dead Sea Scroll Forgeries Impact Christianity? by Mike Winger (How do the forgeries picked up by the Museum of the Bible affect us? Discussed the DSS’s impact and authenticity from the perspective of a doctoral student specializing in Biblical texts from the 1st to 4th Centuries, AD. A good reminder not to jump too quickly on bandwagons.)

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“Codex Sinaiticus is the world’s oldest Bible”… Or is it?
“There were books banned from the Bible”… Or were there?