Closing the Gap Theory

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The Gap theory is a fascinating idea believed by many since the late 1800s, but is it true? Do we believe it because it’s what we were taught? Do we believe it because it’s what dad and “Doc” taught and we have never studied other positions? We do not believe that the Gap is a prerequisite to being a dispensational Christian. Does the evidence point to the Gap theory, or is it being forced to support it by well-meaning Bible teachers and researchers? Here we evaluate the evidence.


Dr. Hovind discusses the Gap Theory, the dictionary meaning of “replenish”, the Schofield Reference Bible, Satan’s fall, and more!


A Biblical ReProof Of The Gap Theory: Pre-Adamic Flood Or Modern Fraud?(Jason Cooley and David Ickes (not the New Ager lizard-man) discuss the Gap theory and give it biblical opposition [link].)


Bonus Material

Books that support the Gap (provided for your own research):


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“Science proves that the earth is billions of years old”… Or does it?
“The Scopes trial was a great victory for science over religion”… Or was it?