The New Order of Barbarians

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We are not sure how much of this stuff is true, but if half of it’s true, we should be scared half to death.


He was an average pediatrician attending an average meeting. Little did he realize that his pretty ordinary life was about to be touched by a powerful darkness that would change his life forever. Below is his story. We hope it will change how you see the world and be more prepared to resist the coming Order of Barbarians.

When he states that the celibacy of Catholic priests is important to guard against being controlled by sexual manipulation, it actually works exactly the OPPOSITE. Remember the pedophilia scandals sweeping Catholicism today? Trying to suppress this most potent urge in nature has resulted in nothing but perversion in the priesthood and blackmail as recognized by Jesuit priest Malachi Martin.


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Again, we are not saying all this is true. The conclusions you come to are between you and God.

This sermon by Joey Faust is a great encouragement! Please listen.
  • Fauci’s New World Order by Joel Tillis (1:22:19) (Six months ago we told you a storm was coming, the world would be different and the world was going to be far more different than you could ever possibly imagine. In some ways we’re wrong, however, in a lot of ways, we’re right.  In this episode, we discuss the reality of the Coronavirus, the tyranny of Dr. Fauci, the madness of the mask, and what lies in our future, but looking into our past.)
  • Click here for the interview on how this relates to the bovid vccntn. Also, check out our page about the Plandemic.

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“Magic, monsters, sorcery, and witchcraft are all just for fun”… Or are they?
“Hitler was a homophobic radical right-winger”… Or was he?